Infinite Mosaic is launched!

Check out the photo mosaic of all Seattle Startup Weekend pics tagged with “ssw2″ in Flickr.

Watch Live Presentations from SSW2!

Video chat rooms at Ustream

If you want to embed this video, here’s the code you can use:

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Work Continues on Day 3

Danielle was out late last night drinking and karaoke-ing with folks and got in around 2pm. She’s added a feedback tool to the site through Get Satisfaction, and is working on the marketing, community, and customer service plans. There is an in process product FAQ live on the site, which will change throughout the day.

Lee is working on getting numbers for the business plan (if you’ve got expertise in advertising we’d love to talk with you) and we’re going to take a crack at reading the whole thing soon and doing a full pass on revisions.

Kyle and Anders are coding furiously. Kyle is “sucking down” all our pilot users photos from Flickr, and we’re going to create at least one mosaic of all those photos together. Anders is just fucking awesome.

We’ve got internet, power, food, soda, and beer. Life is good.

Dinner Time at SSW2

As it approaches dinner time here’s a quick rundown of where we are with our plans

Waiting for

  • logo design from Diego, who committed to help us

Infinite Mosaic is Born

WE WANT YOU!  Click HERE and sign up for our pilot!

We’re at Startup Weekend #2 at the Google HQ in Seattle this weekend to bring Infinite Mosaic to life.

Infinite Mosaic is a way for you to browse and re-discover the pictures you’ve collected.

Our first source for pictures is Flickr, and we’ll make it so that you can create mosaics of photos that you can zoom into endlessly - rediscovering photos you have uploaded using the Seadragon interface.

What Does it Look Like?

Check out this example of a mosaic that we’ve created (this one isn’t infinite yet) here.